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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Get Sleek With the Hana Professional Flat Iron


  When I reviewed the Hana blow dryer a few weeks ago I mentioned how much I'd love to try their flat irons because the dryer was so great so the nice people at Misikko sent me the Hana Professional Flat Iron 1" for review and I'm happy to report that it's as great as the dryer.

  First off, I hardly ever pay attention to how a flat iron looks. You'll never catch me with a zebra print or a crystal studded flat iron I just want a high quality professional hair straightener that I know is going to smooth out my frizz without frying my hair. So, I was shocked at how much I love the look of this iron. When I saw the periwinkle blue plates against the sleek black iron it had me at hello. I was also impressed with the leather case that comes with it and that it includes a silicone heat proof mat.

  The iron heats up very quickly so by the time I had smoothed some heat protectant into my hair and combed it through the iron was ready to go. I was interested to see if I could tell a difference between the regular plates in my old flat iron and the "floating plates that adjust to hair texture" in the Hana pro. You can't but my hair didn't get snagged in this one like it tends to in other flat irons I've used so, I suppose you can tell a difference you just can't feel them move.

  The feature I loved best about this iron is the ergonomic handle. I don't usually like pin straight hair on me but I'm a serious klutz when I try to curl my hair with a flat iron and I usually just end up giving up and using a curling iron but the shape of this iron and the swivel cord make it easy. I think this is the first time I've curled my hair with a flat iron that I didn't almost drop it while I was curling!

  The only thing I didn't like about this iron was the fact that it has a dial for the temperature settings instead of a digital one. I guess I just like to be precise when I'm setting the temperature, plus, the digital ones are easier to read but that's the worst thing I can think of to say about the Hana and it's certainly a minor complaint. I did like that the dial was located in a spot where I didn't keep bumping it and resetting the temperature.

  I also love that because of the tourmaline ceramic plates your hair can still be a tiny bit damp when you use it. That saves time when I'm just touching up my second day hair that has gotten slightly damp in the shower.

  The Hana professional flat iron is currently on sale for $119.98 which is already a great price for such a high quality flat iron in my opinion since both of my other flat irons were more expensive and I like this one the best but if you shop now and add the coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY you can get $10 off orders over $100!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Recycle Your Beauty Products and Make a Child Smile!


Terracycle Beauty Brigade

Sponsored by Garnier

  I was reading Bellasugar the other day and I came across a great article on recycling hard to recycle beauty products that are made of more than one material like a metal lipstick tube with a plastic liner for example. Thanks to Bellasugar now I know how and I wanted to share the info with all of you.

  Like many of you, I want to recycle everything I can but I'd never given much thought to recycling a makeup kit or a mascara until I learned about Terracycle a company that turns your empty makeup containers into eco-friendly playgrounds or donates to your choice of charity! How great is that?

  The great news is that it's also free thanks to the wonderful folks at Garnier and super easy to sign up and get started. You don't need any special containers either, just use any mailing box, print our a pre-paid label from the site and drop it off at any UPS Location. Click Here for more info and happy recycling!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bio Oil, Miracle or Hype?


Everyone seems to be talking about Bio Oil these days from beauty bloggers to the everyday glamour girl on the beauty forums. So I decided to put my beauty snobbery aside and see if I agreed Bio Oil was the real deal or just really hyped.
  My first impressions were the baby pink color and  light pleasantly fresh scent reminded me of the Love’s Baby Soft Perfume I used to wear in high school, not really what I’m normally looking for in a moisturizer but I reminded myself of all the good reviews and forged ahead. It has the consistency of a dry oil but I feared my breakout prone, sensitive skin would rebel. Following the enclosed instructions, I used just one drop on my face and massaged it in well. I was pleasantly surprised. It absorbed quickly and easily. I found myself fantasizing that it would heal the chicken pox scars I’ve had since I was twelve.
  Fast forward to 8 weeks later and I’m hopelessly hooked. Not only did Bio Oil not break me out, it actually healed 98% of my breakouts and the dark marks they left behind. It has not, however, healed my chicken pox scars but because it does not seem to collect in my pores they do appear less prominent. (The instructions did say it must be used at least six months before scars will show improvement though.) It has also left my skin much brighter and smoother but the thing that shocked me more than anything was how terrific this oil is under makeup! Bio Oil seems to actually function as a primer for my base instead of separating and removing it like I feared it would.
  I did a little research to se what makes Bio Oil behave so differently on the skin than other oils and here is what I discovered: 
  Bio Oil is a blend of botanicals, vitamins and oil. The active ingredient is called Purecellin Oil- it’s a synthetic form of the preen oil from birds that makes them waterproof. No wonder it makes makeup last! ( A word of warning here- it doesn’t do the same for eye makeup so stick to your normal primer for that!) I was unhappy to discover it also contains mineral oil which makes me cringe but I can’t argue with the great results I’ve had.
  A little goes a long way with this oil and I found myself calculating just how much money I’d save monthly If I only needed one drop for my face and one for my neck and chest, morning and night. Priced at $10 for two ounces I could save a lot of money especially since it functions as a makeup primer!
  What do you think? Would you try a moisturizer with mineral oil and synthetic preen oil if you thought it might heal your scars and shrink your pores?

* I purchased this product myself.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hanna Air Hair Dryer Makes Styling a Breeze!


  I'm always looking for styling tools that are quick and easy. In my fantasies, my hair always looks like I've just stepped out of the salon but the reality is I usually don't have the patience or the time to do a perfect blow out. I get about halfway done and the dryer starts to get heavy and my hair takes forever to dry so I get impatient and I end up with a passable blow out that is nothing like the silky flowing tresses of my dreams.

  So, I was thrilled when Misikko contacted me to review the Hana Air Hair Dryer one of their Fastest drying salon hair dryers because I've heard they have the best hair dryers and any dryer that says it dries 60% faster is something I want to try!

  Right out of the box I was impressed by the lightweight feel of it and awed by the super long 12' cord. I'm not sure where they think I'm going with my dryer that I need a 12' cord but I can actually leave my bathroom with it still plugged in! But I think too much cord is way better than not enough.

  A couple of seconds in to drying I knew it was going to be a great dryer. My hair has never dried this quickly EVER! Plus, it has these genius little added features like rubber nubs on the sides that keep the dryer from blowing off the counter when you set it down to section your hair and a cool shot button that actually locks into place but the best part is I didn't have the hand fatigue I normally do because of the quick drying and the light weight of the dryer.

  So for the first time in ages, I pretty much ended up with the blow out I always set out to achieve with the exception of a tiny bit of frizz. I'd say it got my hair 95% frizz free which is an accomplishment since even keratin treatments don't get my hair 100% frizz free. Did I get the hair of my dreams? Almost. It's the closest I've ever come to it without a hair stylist.

  Here are some of the Hana Air features according to the website:

  • 3 heat settings and 2 air flow settings
  • Tourmaline ions and Titanium oxide for healthier hair
  • Silver Nano Technology for anti-bacterial protection
  • 2300 watts
  • Low EMF for less damage
  • Lightweight and Gyroscopically balanced
If you're thinking of upgrading your hair dryer I think this dryer is a sound investment in the beauty and health of your hair. In fact, I liked it so much I'm think of upgrading my flat iron to the Hana now that I know their products live up to the hype.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Get the Modern Princess Look


Get the Modern Princess Look

Every modern glamour girl loves a great smoky eye. It’s the little black dress of makeup, but if you want a look that’s more Kate Middleton than Kate Moss it can be tricky. 
  Tarte Cosmetics Shimmering Taupe Cream Eyeshadow is the perfect shadow for a look that’s more demure. 
  Slightly metallic with the faintest touch of sparkle, yet some how subtle, shimmering taupe manages to be elegant without being boring.    
  A truly modern cream it contains clay from the river banks of the Amazon that, according to the company, makes it last a full twelve hours because of its oil controlling power. I’ll agree that it’s staying power is impressive but I have yet to achieve twelve hour wear without first applying primer but I’m too in love with the look because of it’s real life wearablity.  
  What do you think of the new smoky eye? Would you miss the full on glamour of the more traditional smoky eye? I find it subtly sublime. 
  * Photo provided by WireImage

Kate Middleton – Fashion Icon or Fashion Fail?


Please welcome Obession's first
guest writer Isabella A. Woods!

William’s new missus can’t seem to put a foot wrong. But there is one corner of the commenterati that can’t make their minds up about her. The fashion world is notoriously catty, as anyone who has seen The September Issue will know. If you haven’t seen this movie, drop everything NOW and go and rent a copy. It is a brilliant, brilliant documentary film about the famous, yep, September issue of Vogue, which has to be the biggest and best edition of the year, by dint of some tradition, the reasons for which escape me. Probably something to do with ‘trends’ or ‘seasons’. Edited by the notorious ice-maiden that is Anna Wintour - whose stare could shatter you at 100 paces – Vogue is the final word in glamour and high fashion, and whilst Wintour is the boss from hell, she certainly knows exactly what she’s doing. And if Wintour wants something she usually gets it.
If you have seen the movie you will understand the excitement of hearing through the gossip-vine that none other than our own little home-counties girl Kate Middleton has been asked to appear on the cover of Vogue. Oh the thrill of it! What will she wear? The lengths to which Vogue will go to produce beautiful images are extraordinary. They will fly gamine models to Machu Picchu in the monsoon season, along with a twelve-man crew, in order to get the right photo. But whatever the shoot costs, Wintour will reject the photos if they are not 100% perfect.
Simply The Best
It is no surprise, therefore, to hear that Vogue had lined up the ‘world’s greatest photographer’ Mario Testino to do the shoot for Middleton. And he would not have been a stranger either. Mario Testino has a close relationship with the Royal Family, and was commissioned by them to take the royal couple’s engagement photographs. It would have been a dream pairing!
It’s Not Gonna Happen
So what’s gone wrong? The rumours are that Kate’s mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth, has put the dampeners on the idea. You know how it is with mothers-in-law, they don’t have to actually say anything. You can just tell they don’t approve. And to be fair to her and Kate, who is happy to do as she is told, the modern royal are trying to salvage their reputation at present. The Royal Wedding was an unmitigated success in PR terms, and the hiccups with embarrassing minor royals have been eclipsed for now by the warm and fuzzy glow we got from that event. The Windsors don’t feel it is appropriate for the future Queen to be over-involved in something as ephemeral as the fashion world.
Not That Interested
Much to the disappointment of the fashion world, Kate has never expressed a particular desire to be known as a fashion icon. She has more important matters on her mind and does not want to risk trivializing the monarchy. With a hectic charity and public duty schedule she has to be more aware of her appearance than most, but she never fails to impress with her quiet elegance. Whilst some complained that her Alexander McQueen wedding dress lacked flair, Vogue praised it for its ‘elegance and intricate detail’.
Approval From The Top
Always the voice of authority, Anna Wintour herself has given Middleton the seal of approval, commenting, ‘She dresses her age and never looks out of place’. Quite. That’s all Kate needs in order to be the focus of the fashion world. And she doesn’t need moving companies to take her wardrobe around the world either. Modesty and frugality is ‘in’. Her style is understated, never showy or ostentatious. She often prefers high street fashion to haute couture and that has endeared her to the Brits in the current recession. She wore a gorgeous blue dress by Issa for her engagement announcement, but also wore a dress from Topshop for her 25th birthday. Her official engagement photos, by Testino she wore a dress from high street retailer Reiss. She shopped at Whistles, Banana Republic and Warehouse for her honeymoon outfits. Her jeans have always been Diesel or Hudson Reilly. Not out of reach for those who want to copy her.
Get The Look
Vogue has a ‘style progression slideshow’ for Kate Middleto, which shows how she has matured in the last few years. See if you think she’s a fashion icon or a fashion fail! Me, I’d say icon. I love the understated classic look.
Vogue’s pictures of Kate include the following:
Dresses by Issa, Temperley, Amanda Wakeley, Jenny Packham, Roland Mouret, Erdem, Zara and Reiss; coats and jackets by Jane Troughton, Libelula, Kathering Hooker, Alexander McQueen, Burberry and Joseph; boots and shoes by Aquatalia (Marvin K), Rupert Sanderson Malone, Manolo Blahnik, LK Bennett; hats and fascinators by A Lock & Co. (by couture milliner Sylvia Fletcher, and Rachel Trevor-Morgan  and Vivien Sheriff; clutches and handbags by Anya Hindmarch Maud, Polly Pushlock, Emmy Scarterfield, LK Bennett and Prada; Earrings by Kiki McDonough, Links of London.

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Toast to Fall!


Fall is here already and it seems like Twenties style is back with everyone bobbing their hair and reading about flappers in everyone's favorite classic tale  The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and the sassy new novel Vixen (The Flappers) by Jillian Larkin.  So when I spied this recipe on  called  Fitzgerald I knew it would be the perfect way to drink to the new season!
 Created by Williams -Sonoma this recipe is made even more bright and citrusy if you substitute Blood Orange bitters like I did. Cheers!

  From Williams-Sonoma


  1 ½ oz. gin
  1 oz. simple syrup
  ¾ oz. fresh lemon juice
  2 dashes of Angostura bitters
  Ice as needed


 In a cocktail shaker, combine the gin, simple syrup, lemon juice, bitters and ice. Shake, then strain into a rocks glass.

  Serves 1.

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